Backpacking Stoves

RULES for using a backpacking stove:

  1. keep all fuels below 100 degress F
  2. let stoves cool before refilling
  3. check all fuel line fittings
  4. never operate a stove in an enclosed space (tent)
  5. always operate a stove on a level, secure surface
  6. keep extra fuel at least 20 feet away from stove
  7. do NOT hover over stove when lighting
  8. refill stoves/lanterns well away from open flames
  9. recap stoves/lanterns/fuel_bottles before lighting
  10. do NOT overload stoves with pots/pans/etc
  11. do NOT leave stove unattended
  12. perform regular maintenance
  13. always dipose of old fuel containers properly
  14. use stoves ONLY when permitted to do so
  15. use stoves only with supervision

The ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES of different backpacking stove fuels (in decreasing order of preference):

  1. White Gas (AKA "Coleman Stove Fuel")
  2. Kerosene ( AKA #1 fuel oil)
  3. Propane
  4. Butane