Basic Gear
__Frame pack with hip belt
__Pack cover (packs stay outside tent)
__Sleeping bag in waterproof (garbage) bag
__Sleeping pad
__[BB if mix] Water bottles [E+]
__Extra plastic bags
__Common Sense [E0]

Camping/Hiking Gear
__Map (in ziplock bag) [E1]
__Compass [E2]
__Pocket knife [E8]
__Small flashlight [E3]
__Whistle - accessible; not packed [E+]
__[BB] Waterproofed Matches [E9]
__Sunglasses [E6]
__Firestarter [E10]

Clothes (to be worn)
__Hiking Boots
__Socks (1 pair heavy wool & 1 liner pair)
__Shorts and belt

Clothes (to be packed) [E5]
__Socks (1 pair heavy wool & 1 liner pair)
__Long pants
__Lightweight jacket or wool/flannel shirt
__Poncho or rainsuit
__Hat {& bandanna}
__{Sandles/light sneakers to relax in camp}

Toiletries/Personal ([BB] not used after 5:00pm)
__[BB]Biodegradible soap
__[BB]Sunscreen [E+]
__[BB]{Lip balm}
__[BB]Insect repellent [E+]
__[BB]Small first aid kit [E7]
__Toilet paper in ziplock bag

Cooking & Eating
__[BB]Extra Food [E4]
__[SD]plate or bowl
__[SD]Cup (make a standard size)
__[SD]Pot for heating water, etc.
__[SD]Cleaning/scrub pad

Shared with buddy
__{Ground cloth for under} tent
__[SD] Backpacking stove & fuel
__Water filter, iodine or chlorine [E+]
__Light rope or twine (25 ft.) for lashing

Shared Crew Equipment
__Bear bag
__75-100 ft. rope
__Shovel or trowel (for catholes & sump)
__[SD]{Sump strainer}
__[BB]"Yummy" bag (AKA garbage bag)
__{Dining fly}
__[BB]{Repair kit-,duct_tape,zip_ties,etc}
__[BB]Crew first aid kit and medical forms
__Tour permit


[BB] = goes in bear bag, away from tent area.
[SD] = stored in sump or dining area away from tent area.
[Ex] = Essential items (even for day trips).
{..} = Optional items.
(..) = Comments.


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